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The size of MEMS clean room is 100 m2 and its classification is class 1000. The ambient of the cleanroom is controlled so that R.H and temperature are 50% and 20°C, respectively. The service and supporting units cover 150 m2, please take a look at both the cell lab and the clean room image galleries below.

The clean-room has the wet/dry etch capability and PVD-based deposition system. There are also several tools for the characterization of microsystems. There are several simulation tools as well; the important ones are Comsol MEMS module and ANSYS programs. Besides, there is a cell laboratory for cell-based studies which is annexed to the MEMS Center. Cell Culture laboratory was founded in 2015 to perform biological applications using microfluidic systems. Cell lines used in mechanobiology and cell separation studies are cultivated in this laboratory in order to carry-out the experiments effectively. We have also access to the ITU Nano Nanotechnology Research Center, If needed, please take a look at for the equipment available there.
Note: Some equipment may be out of order. Please contact us first to check whether the instrument you need is available or not.



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