Graduate Theses

  • “Fabrication and Characterization of Hybrid Nanofiller Reinforced Polyurethane Nanocomposites”, Amir Navidfar, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program, Ph.D. 2016 - 2021

  • ‘Development of Mechanic Manufacturing Methods Applied to Casting Materials used in the Aviation Sector’, Burak Alperen Tunç, Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc., 2019-2021

  • “Synergistic Effect of Nano Particles in Three-dimensional Network of Carbon-based Quantum Dots on Mechanical Properties of Polyurethane Hybrid Nanocomposites”, Makbule Irmak Peker, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program, M.Sc. 2019 - 2021

  • “Investigation of the Effects of Channel Curvature Ratio and Particles’ Concentrations in Curved Microchannels for Passive Particle Separation”, Deniz İnce, M.Sc., 2018-2019

  • “Investigation on the Effects of Mechanical Forces on Endothelial and Monocytic Cell Behaviour by using Microfluids Systems ”, Semra Zuhal Birol, Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Graduate Programme, Ph. D. 2014 – 2018

  • "Integration of Microfluidic Chip with a microcontroller system for stabilization of the temperature on the microheater for diagnosis of Tuberculosis infection by Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification", Zeynep Burcu Çavdar, M.Sc., 2015-2018

  • “Tüberküloz Teşhisinde Kullanılmak Üzere Mikroısıtıcı Tasarlanması, Karakterizasyonu ve Üretimi”, Muhammed Bekin, Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. 2015 - 2017

  • “Acoustic Properties of Styrene Butadiene Rubber-Isocyante Compositon Renforced with Carbon Nanotubes and Silicon Oxide Nano-Powder”, Alkan Sancak, Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Graduate Programme, M.Sc. 2014 - 2017

  • “Design, Simulation and Analysis of Piezoresistive Microcantilever for Biosensing Applications”, Amal Ahmad, Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Graduate Programme, M.Sc. 2015 - 2017

  • “Nanotechnology in Architectural Restoration”, Selale Elcin Sungur, Architectural Graduate Programme, M.Sc., 2013 - 2016

  • “Acoustic Properties of Polyurethane Composition Reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes and Silicon Oxide Nano-Powder”, Kemal Baran Yıldırım, Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Graduate Programme, M.Sc. 2011 - 2016

  • “Design, Fabrication and Characterzation of Nano-Si Columnar Structures for Solar Cell Applications” A. Develioğlu, Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Graduate Programme, M.Sc. 2013 - 2016

  • “Structural and Optical Properties of Modified Titanium Dioxide Based Films Prepared by Sol-gel Dip-coating” H. B. Jalali, Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Graduate Programme, M.Sc. 2013 - 2015

  • “Simulation of Continous Polysytrene Particle Manipulation with Dielectrophoresis Using Comsol” Y. Genç, Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Graduate Programme, M.Sc. 2012 - 2015

  • “Mikroakışkan Sistemlerin Tasarımı, Üretimi Ve Partikül Ayrıştırma Karakterizasyonu”, E. Coskuner, Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc., 2010 - 2014

  • “Cell Seperation in Microfludic Channels” M. Zuvin, Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Graduate Programme, M.Sc. 2010 - 2013

  • “Micromachining of Si-Wafer with Femtosecond Laser Technology”, S.D. Sofuoglu, Defense Technologies, M.Sc., 2008 - 2011

  • “Dönel Kanallarda Atalet ve Dean Kuvvetleri Etkisi ile Partikül Ayrıştırma”, A. Ozbey, Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc., 2009 - 2011

  • “Micro esnek Yükselticinin Tasarımı, Üretimi ve Optimizasyonu”, E. Kosa, Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc., 2008 - 2010

  • Si-Based 2D and 3D Nano-Sculptured Thin Film Deposition and Characterization, S. Güvendik, Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc., 2006-2009

  • Design and Simulation of Pull-in Phenomenon of MEMS Switches, H. Tekin, Electronics Engineering, M.Sc., 2005-2007

  • Design and Analysis of MEMS Based Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor by MultiMEMS Bulk MicroMachining, E. Celik, Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc., 2004-2007

  • Design and Analysis of a MEMS Based Piezoresistive Flow Sensor, O. Turkmen, Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc., 2004-2006

  • “The study on materials and mechanical properties of plasma nitrided 316L at low temperatures”

  • C. İğdil, Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc., 2003-2005

  • “The design of stent and its production”, E. Arslan, Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc., 2003-2005

  • “Design and performance analysis of microaccelerometer with three degree of freedom”, O. Erdener, Electronics Engineering, M.Sc., 2003-2005

  • On the physics of growth of sculptured thin film”, Y. Sener, Materials Science and Engineering, M.Sc., 2003-2005

Undergraduate Theses

  • “Fabrication and Characterization of Remotely Controlled MEMS based Modular Analysis System Which is Integrated with Bionanosensor for Separation and Detection of Aflotoxin B1”, Onur Nurtan and Baturay Dalgıç, ‘The best of the best Innovation Award’ and ‘Gold Award’ in the IAM2021 Innovation competition among 1267 participants from 9 different countries and The first price among 498 competitors in the university category at 7th Başakşehir Living Lab Innovation Competition

  • “Design and Fabrication of an Universal Peristaltic Micropump that can ve Integrated with PDMS Based Microchannels fro microTAS and Lab-On-A-Chip Applications” Nazım Can Öner, 2020, Fourth place in national competition on “technology for agriculture” among 763 competitors at Teknofest_2020 - Gaziantep
  • “Design and Characterization of Nanocomposite-based Microfluidics Chip Integrated With a Micropump for Particle Seperation”, Berke Erbaş and Mehmet Tuğrul Birtek, 2019, first place among 229 competitors on National Level Competition organized by TUBITAK in the domain of undergraduate thesis competition and First place in Marmara Region based in the undergraduate thesis competition of “Technology for Indispensible Fields, and second place in national competition on “technology for the benefit of humanity” among 600 competitors

  • “Investigation of Geometric Parameters in the Design of Curved Microchannel for Passive Particle Separation”, Deniz Ince and Ibrahim Ghanem, Mechanical Engineering, 2017

  • “Design and Characterization of a Novel Microchannel Geometry Together with an Integrated Micropump for Continous Inertial Seperation and Enrichment of Circulating Tumor Cells”, U. M. Sönmez, S. Jaber, 2016, First Place in the Undergraduate Thesis Competition

  • “Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Dielectrophoretic Force Based Microfludic Systems” H. Turhan, O. Kılınç, H. E. Öztürk, Mechanical Engineering, 2015

  • “Polimer Tabanlı Kendinden Tahrikli Entegre Mikroparçacık Ayrıştırma Sistemleri Tasarımı, Üretimi ve Karakterizasyonu”, U. Say, M. Bekin, A. Özer, Mechanical Engineering, 2014, Third Place in the Undergraduate Thesis Competition

  • “Producing, Designing and Characterizing Polymer Based Microfluidic System to Separate Micro-Particle” A. Acemoğlu, Y. U. Güngör, Y. S. Balcı, Mechanical Engineering, 2013

  • “Mikroparçacık Ayrıştırması Amacına Uygun Polimer Tabanlı Mikroakışkan Sistem Tasarımı”, M. Ordu, B. N. Kaygusuz, Mechanical Engineering, 2012

  • “Otomotiv Sürücü Hava Yastığı Tasarımı”, C. Korkmaz, I. Kalkan, R. Uyar, Mechanical Engineering, 2004



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