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Cancer Diagnostic Device

Cancer Diagnostic Device

The work done at MEMS on cancer detection device was cited in several newspapers like Milliyet, AA and NTV.

A cancer detection device was developed in MEMS Research Center by our student Utku Mustafa Sönmez and his lab mates. This work was recognized as a breakthrough invention by several newspapers such as Milliyet, hurriyet, AA and NTV. The links of these news are cited below:

AA: Kanseri kanda teşhis eden cihaz geliştirdi

Milliyet : Türk bilim insanları kanseri kanda teşhis eden cihaz geliştirdi!

NTV: Kanseri kanda teşhis eden cihaz geliştirdi

Hurriyet: Türk bilim insanından çığır açacak buluş...



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